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Reviews of Samsung Digimax NX200 have collected 112 expert reviews of the Samsung Digimax NX200 and the average rating is 78%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Samsung Digimax NX200.
Award: Good Buy December 2011
December 2011
112 Reviews
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78 0 100 112

The editors liked

  • Detailed
  • Attractive photos
  • Lots of handson controls
  • Low ISO image quality
  • Hotshoe
  • Manual movie control
  • OLED screen
  • Huge improvement over NX100
  • Picture quality up to 1600 ISO
  • High resolution images
  • Clear
  • Simple interface / iFn button is a nice touch
  • Good AMOLED screen
  • Burst mode
  • 7 fps
  • Decent enough 1855 mm f/3.55.6 OIS kit lens
  • Snappy AF performance in good light
  • New i
  • Function technology
  • Improved build quality and ergonomics
  • Good range of digital filters
  • Expanding range of available lenses
  • High resolution
  • Good build quality
  • Functionality built into lens
  • The Samsung NX200 feels like a delightful blend of mirrorless camera and digital compact camera in one. The ability to switch between manual and auto focussing and the zoom controls make the Samsung NX200 feel like the right blend between feeling like a pro- camera and something you’d spend more cash on. A handy dial up top lets you cycle through an array of options and modes from aperture priori
  • I-Function lens system
  • Compact body
  • Great menus
  • Impressive image quality
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Stylish
  • Great image and video quality
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Excellent overall image quality
  • Delivers plenty of detail
  • Solid build quality

The editors didn't like

  • Bettered by rival cameras in low light
  • Limited choice of lenses
  • Poor battery life
  • Absurdly slow RAW processing times
  • Issues with low light focusing
  • Colour noise in shots above ISO 1600
  • No builtin flash
  • Autofocus 'pumps' in video mode
  • RAW shots (50 MB) slow to save
  • Can't hook up an external viewfinder
  • Fixed screen (no swivel or tilt) with no touchsensitive controls
  • Short battery life
  • Occasional slight inaccuracies with WB and metering
  • Slower performance in low light and when shooting raw files
  • No viewfinder option
  • No built-in flash
  • No viewfinder
  • Busy scenes confuse autofocus
  • Ergonomically the Samsung NX200 isn’t the most comfortable of cameras to spend the day with. After a good fifteen minutes the hand grips will leave the sides of your fingers feeling rather sore. It’s not one to hold for long periods. Either sling it around your neck or carry it in a bag.
  • A touch expensive
  • Not the most comfortable camera to hold
  • Detachable flash feels a bit flimsy
  • Image processing while in Continuous drive mode is a bit slow

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  Published: 2011-11-14, Author: 윈도우포럼 , review by:

  • Abstract:  NX200은 23.5 x 15.7mm 3:2형태의 2030만화소 APS-C CMOS 이미지 센서를 탑재했다. 이 이미지센서는 A/D Convert(Analog to Digital Converter) 즉 아날로그 신호를 디지털 신호로 변환해주는 파트가 센서에 내장되어 빛에 반응하는 감광부의 아날로그 신호를 디지털 신호로 변환하는 과정에서의 노이즈를 억제하고, D.range 역시 기존 NX시리즈가 가진 8.8EV에서 10.5EV까지 증가시켜 노이즈 레벨도 ...

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  Published: 2012-04-20, Author: Husodo , review by:

  • Kualitas gambar baik dan detil bagus pada resolusi tinggi, ISO kecil menghasilkan gambar yang jernih, Desain body ringkas namun bergaya SLR, Antarmuka dan filter serta fiturnya mudah dipahami untuk pengguna awam, Tombol iFn memudahkan pengaturan custom, M
  • Proses penyimpanan RAW lama, Letak memory card dibawah (bersamaan dengan baterai), sehingga tertutup ketika kamera dipasang tripod, Tidak ada slot untuk mikrofon eksternal, Tidak disertakan viewfinder eksternal, Daya tahan baterai kurang lama, Pegangan ta
  • NX200 adalah seri kamera mirrorless Samsung terbaru dan yang pertama menggunakan sensor APS-C sebesar 20,3 MP. Sensor ini mengalahkan kamera pesaingnya, Sony Alpha NEX-5N (16,1 MP) dan Olympus PEN E-P3 (12,3 MP). Selain itu besarnya sensor ini juga diata...

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