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Reviews of Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones have collected 30 expert reviews of the Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones and the average rating is 76%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones.
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  • Wireless
  • Comfort
  • Powerful

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  • Price
  • Audio quality
  • Encumbering receiver



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  Published: 2008-04-24, review by:

  • Wireless, Comfort, Powerful
  • Price, Audio quality, Encumbering receiver

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  Published: 2007-04-09, review by:

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  Published: 2007-03-20, review by:

  • Abstract:  Bluetooth headphones for just about anything: Portable music has certainly come a long way since it consisted of lugging your boom-box around on your shoulder. The walkman was a revelation, although it was still a little bulky for jogging. Then the MP3...

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  Published: 2007-01-01, review by:

  • Logitechs FreePulse wireless heaphones are a great way of enjoying music on the move without getting tangled in wires. Likewise theyre a splendid way of listening to sound sources that are too far away for a cable, like your TV, enabling you to watc...

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  Published: 2008-03-20, review by:

  • Abstract:  Wiring is the bane of modern technology. Each new shining piece of equipment brings forth cables and wires that clutter rooms, tables, homes and offices. The 100% wireless future is still a utopia but at least you can try to get rid of a common wire: t...

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  Published: 2008-02-10, review by:

  • Abstract:  Wireless headphones. A great idea often unstuck by uncomfortable cans, poor sound quality and bulky base stations. Now lightweight bluetooth stereo headphones are streaming into stores, but there are still questions about whether they can change this p...

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  Published: 2007-12-20, review by:

  • It has an awesome patented receiver that plugs into any electronic device with a 3.5mm stereo plug, resulting in wireless playback up to 33 feet. It’s also real simple to use. Just charge it up then plug-and-play.
  • The design of the headband is not adjustable. That means that wearing anything around your neck such as a collared shirt or a towel might interfere with the fit of the headphones. Not to mention the ear -rings become awfully uncomfortable to wear after a long period of time. Even more so, these aren’t the headphones that are going to satisfy serious audiophiles. They’re loud, just not extremely
  • Although the Logitech FreePulse Wireless shines when it comes to wireless convenience, the lack of comfort, limited usage time and less than fantastic sound may be enough to deter some users. But if you can withstand these imperfections than the Logit...

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  Published: 2007-04-28, review by:

  • Abstract:  I remember when the USB cable was first invented. Until then, peripherals used a wide variety of connections, with little interoperability. The keyboard plugged into the keyboard slot. Printer into a parallel printer slot, other peripherals into a ...

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  Published: 2007-04-26, Author: Donald , review by:

  • The Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones are remarkably light, flexible, and resilient. The sound quality is decent overall with an emphasis on bass. The Bluetooth transmitter can be used with any audio source that has a minijack headphone output.
  • Troubleshooting possible Bluetooth connection problems can be a hassle compared to the reliability of hardwired headphones. Unlike previous Logitech designs, there are no playback controls on these headphones.
  • Compared to the range of options out there for Bluetooth MP3 player headphones, the Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones offer exceptional design and value.

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  Published: 2007-04-03, review by:

  • Abstract:  (This review is brought to you courtesy of “BlueTomorrow”, a web site that covers “everything Bluetooth related.”) Logitech is clearly going after the mobile iPod user with its FreePulse Wireless Headphones, but its Bluetooth-enabl...

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