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Reviews of Samsung 2.5 inch 850 Pro Series SATA600 have collected 230 expert reviews of the Samsung 2.5 inch 850 Pro Series SATA600 and the average rating is 90%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Samsung 2.5 inch 850 Pro Series SATA600.
Award: Editor’s Choice July 2014
July 2014
230 Reviews
0 Reviews
90 0 100 230

The editors liked

  • Very fast write speeds
  • Great IOPs performance
  • 10 year warranty
  • Massive capacity
  • Very solid performance
  • Excellent endurance
  • 10-year warranty
  • Huge capacity
  • Fast for a SATA drive
  • Mega 10 year warranty
  • The Samsung SSD 850 Pro has fast performance
  • High endurance -- you can write a lot of data to it before it becomes unreliable -- and its 2TB capacity is the highest on the market. The drive comes with a lot of useful features
  • Including encryption
  • And a
  • Outstanding reads
  • Outstanding writes
  • SSD Magician
  • Cloning software included
  • 10year warranty
  • 3D VNAND
  • Powerful architecture
  • Huge
  • Hard disk-style capacity
  • Excellent performance levels
  • Lengthy warranty and endurance

The editors didn't like

  • Magician software (4.4 beta) not currently compatible with overclocked CPUs
  • Price
  • Solitary form factor
  • Insanely expensive
  • Outpaced by M.2 drives
  • Limited appeal outside of laptops
  • The drive is expensive compared with competing solid-state drives. The Samsung Magician software only works with Windows
  • No accessories
  • Much more expensive than competing SSDs
  • No quicker than 850 Evo 2TB
  • Pricier than 850 Evo 2TB
  • No extras included

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  Published: 2018-09-29, Author: Tomas , review by:

  • Now that the prices of SSDs are starting to fall again, the competition is starting to take off again. Especially the new models from Crucial and Samsung bring some life back to the business, which was badly needed in this market. Last year there were few...

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  Published: 2018-01-10, review by:

  • Abstract:  Form factor is the shape and connection type used to hook up the SSD to your computer. There are two main physical shapes on the market: the traditional 2.5in drive, which is direct drop-in replacement for a hard drive, and the M.2 format. This latter typ...

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  Published: 2017-12-14, Author: Tomas , review by:

  • You can consider yourself lucky if you purchased an SSD last year. Since then not a lot has happened when it comes to the performance, while the prices have gone up. However, using a hard drive as boot disk is not necessary at all - there are more than en...

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  Published: 2017-12-08, Author: Jim , review by:

  • Abstract:  Solid-state storage is standard-issue for storing data in tablets and smartphones, where it's relied upon for its tiny size and rugged nature. Those same virtues can be handy in desktop PCs and especially laptops too, but it's the speed of an SSD (solid-s...

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  Published: 2017-01-31, Author: Farzin , review by:

  • According to our tests, the Samsung SM951 (NVMe) is the fastest SSD available. It is even faster than the 950 Pro, while it is a lot cheaper as well. Bear in mind that you miss out on official Samsung support in the form of warranty, Magician and firmware...

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  Published: 2016-09-16, Author: Farzin , review by:

  • First of all the best middleclass SSD that you can use. Based on the performance and the good price the Sandisk Ultra II 480GB is the best choice. The Sandisk performs nearly as well as the fastest SATA600-drives in the test, but for a much lower price...

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  Published: 2016-04-22, Author: Farzin , review by:

  • The number of SSDs with a capacity of 1 TB is still relatively small. There are much more 500 GB SSDs available. Nevertheless you can find some interesting models. On top of this list we find the Sandisk Ultra II 960GB, because of its very wallet-frien...

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  Published: 2015-08-21, Author: Mike , review by:

  • Huge, hard disk-style capacity, Excellent performance levels, Lengthy warranty and endurance
  • No quicker than 850 Evo 2TB, Pricier than 850 Evo 2TB, No extras included
  • The Samsung 850 Pro combines impressive performance levels with the market's best endurance rating and warranty. But if you don't require that level of protection, then the 2TB 850 Evo offers equivalent performance for less...

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  Published: 2015-07-21, Author: Tarinder , review by:

  • Massive capacity, Very solid performance, Excellent endurance, 10-year warranty
  • Price, Solitary form factor
  • Samsung has used its proprietary 3D V-NAND technology to construct a new SSD that expands storage to a whopping 2TB. Interesting insofar as the technology uses an older, more mature process in a stacked formation, endurance, capacity and warranty are all...

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  Published: 2015-07-13, Author: Chris , review by:

  • Abstract:  Samsung is updating its SATA SSD product line by adding new 2TB options to the 850 Pro and 850 Evo families. Are they any better than the existing models?A few days ago, we published a Tom's Hardware State of Solid State editorial that discussed what we w...

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