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Reviews of Borderlands have collected 42 expert reviews of the Borderlands and the average rating is 83%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Borderlands.
Award: Highest Rated October 2009
October 2009
42 Reviews
0 Reviews
83 0 100 42

The editors liked

  • Creates stats addicition
  • Guns
  • A world full of character

The editors didn't like

  • A lot of samelooking environments
  • Sort of grindy like an MMO
  • Enemies are brainless meatbags



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  Published: 2010-01-05, review by:

  • A great-looking game, with a fun cooperative multiplayer mode, but solo play is repetitive. ...

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  Published: 2009-11-13, review by:

  • Abstract:  After a charming, buddy-movie-esque intro Borderlands dumps you in the wastes of a planet called Pandora where you choose a role of either Hunter, Soldier, Mage or Tank. Its then up to you to carry out rudimentary tasks and be lead through a breadcrumb...

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  Published: 2009-10-26, review by:

  • Creates stats addicition, Guns, guns, guns, A world full of character
  • A lot of samelooking environments, Sort of grindy like an MMO, Enemies are brainless meatbags

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  Published: 2009-10-20, review by:

  • As we mentioned at the start, genetics are a funny thing but Gearbox has managed to deliver the plucky child of two proud parents: the loot-whoring RPG/MMO and the tight, combat-focused FPS – successfully combining the character, guts and style of b...

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  Published: 2016-03-31, review by:

  • Abstract:  Initially announced at Leipzig GC 2007, Borderlands has grown from an interesting idea for a co-op shooter to a smooth and intricate fusion of FPS and RPG elements...

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  Published: 2009-12-28, review by:

  • It‘s hard to formulate a whole, single opinion regarding this game -- it’s unique in every possible way (the setting, the presentation, the crazy mix of absolutely different gameplay mechanics). But the fact that all this organically blends together a...

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  Published: 2009-12-07, review by:

  • Amazing combat; millions of possible weapons; fun mashup gameplay.
  • Friends must be same level for multiplayer; no minimap; no world map; no goal marker in fast travel.

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  Published: 2009-11-24, review by:

  • I am sure you can guess that I have a low opinion of the game. After playing games like System Shock, System Shock 2 and Bio Shock I feel like this was a cheap imitation [especially considering that 2k is the publisher]. In the "Shock" series at least ...

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  Published: 2009-11-18, review by:

  • Abstract:  Borderlands is a science fiction first person shooter that has a heavy RPG side to it. It was developed by Gearbox Software, primarily known for their Brothers in Arms series in recent years. While this may seem like an odd mix of genres, a hardcore sh...

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  Published: 2009-11-06, review by:

  • Abstract:  There’s a large audience out there that will drop $60 at the mere utterance “It’s like Diablo.” With its addictive gameplay and focus on replayability, Blizzard's influential RPG has inspired gamers and game developers alike. In Borderlands’ case, the ...

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